PVYO is excited to announce that Mrs. Jennifer VanPetten will lead the PVYO “Sinfonia” for advanced string players in grades 6-9. The goal of the Sinfonia will be to provide a challenging, exciting, and engaging string orchestra for motivated and advancing musicians who need additional preparation before entering the PVYO Symphony or Philharmonia.

Mrs. Van Petten has established herself as one of the premier music educators and conductors in the region, and is well known for her charisma, enthusiasm, energy, and attention to musical detail. Her performances are highly regarded for their artistry and expression. PVYO familes may recall that Mrs. Van Petten joined the PVYO artistic staff a few years ago along with Mr. Levin and Mr. Herman. During these past few seasons she has assisted both the Symphony and Concert Band. Outside of PVYO, many Montgomery County teachers and families are familiar with her amazing work while teaching at Rosa Parks Middle School and during her association with MCYO. Mrs. Van Petten has also co-conducted the MCPS Junior Honors Orchestra for several years with Mr. Herman and Mr. Levin. More about Mrs. Van Petten can be found at https://www.pvyo.org/jennifer-van-petten-join-pvyo

We beleive that the “Sinfonia” could be an extraordinary experience for our PVYO musicians.