Flute Choir

School Grades 6-12

The PVYO Flute Choir, stands on the cutting edge of what has become a very popular phenomenon worldwide, an ensemble made up entirely of flutes.  The goal of this ensemble is to give each flutist opportunities for leadership and musical growth resulting in more personal confidence and maturity. Through the rotation of parts, each person has experience with solo and soli playing. Concentrating on tone, tuning, technique, and blending, music literature from the Renaissance through the 21st century is explored. To broaden the spectrum of sound when the students are ready, piccolo, alto flutes and bass flutes are introduced, adding depth and brilliance to the ensemble.  IMPORTANT: Auditions for the large ensembles may result in a recommendation to any of the PVYO Choir Ensembles. Please be sure to select which Choir Ensembles you are interested in on the PVYO Application form.


Mondays 5:15 – 6:30 p.m.
Cabin John Middle School
Potomac, MD.