Job Title: Assistant to the Music Director

Reports to: The Music Director

Primary Purpose: Help manage the musical needs of the Philharmonia Orchestra

Specific duties: Assist with room set-up and tear down, sheet music distribution. Assist students with a variety of tangential needs. Provide small sectional instruction during large ensemble rehearsal. Opportunities for larger sectionals depending on expertise and experience including weekly one-hour wind sectionals. Depending on skill set, the MD Assistant may need the assistant to fill in for missing percussion, etc. The MD Assistant may also be called upon to rehearse the entire orchestra in an emergency or more frequently, so that the MD can observe the orchestra from different vantage points in the room.

Qualifications: Education/Certification: Bachelor’s degree in music from an accredited college or university preferred. Strong candidates enrolled in an ongoing music degree would be considered.

Special Knowledge/Skills: Knowledge of instrumental techniques, Knowledge of rehearsal techniques. Conducting skills. Musical coaching skills. Ability to work well with teenagers of high skills and varying backgrounds. Ability to work well with adults, both peers and supervisors.

Duty Schedule: 12 Weekly rehearsals per semester, 2 Concerts per year. Willingness to communicate through the week with the MD. Must have own transportation.

This is a non-contract stipend position. Pay commensurate with experience.

Send inquiries to:

William Hollin
PVYO Music Director and
Deadline: September 10, 2021